Keoki Wallace

a Renaissance Man for the Age of Social Media

Keoki Wallace has broad experience in accounting, finance, marketing, public relations and business plan development gained over more than 30 years of significant work in key positions including staff accountant, controller, chief financial officer, managing officer, managing partner, director of marketing and director of public relations.


Mr. Wallace graduated from the University of Utah in 1982, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance.  Upon graduation he went to work for Huntsman and Christensen Inc., where he was a staff accountant on the Park Station and Shadow Ridge development projects at Park City, Utah.


In 1986, Mr. Wallace became a Managing Officer in the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation/Federal Home Loan Bank Board system, becoming the Receiver of failed Savings and Loan Associations throughout California. Here he directed the work of numerous law firms. The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act, passed into law in 1989, transferred Mr. Wallace to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Simultaneously, Mr. Wallace attended La Salle University and William Howard Taft University's law schools. After receiving his Juris Doctor degree, Mr. Wallace took and passed first time the February of 1990 California Bar Exam.


Mr. Wallace left the Federal Government in 1991, joining the Houston based law firm of Lorance & Thompson as an Associate Lawyer, working out of their Newport Beach office. Shortly thereafter he became an Income Partner of the firm of Dominguez and Talamante, working out of their Phoenix office. In 1992 he formed his own firm headquartered in San Diego, which today is known as Wallace Associates Group.


Mr. Wallace has served as General Counsel to publicly traded financial holding companies, mortgage companies and insurance companies. He has represented government and private entities with litigation in both the state and federal court systems. He has represented entities with multiple acquisitions as well as both up-stream and down-stream mergers. It has also represented companies with federal and state licensing processes and with compliance issues and compliance reviews on both the federal and state level. Mr. Wallace also served on the American Bar Association's Committee on International Business Law in its Subcommittee on International Banking & Finance.

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Keoki Wallace

a Renaissance Man

for the Age of Social Media