Keoki Wallace

a Renaissance Man for the Age of Social Media

Keoki Wallace attended La Salle and Taft University law schools and obtained a Juris Doctor degree from each. He took the California Bar Exam in 1990, passing on his first sitting. He subsequently passed the Utah Bar Exam in 1996, and he currently holds active licenses in both states.


He started his legal career with the Houston Based law firm of Lorance & Thompson, in their then Newport Beach office, but spent most of his time in their Phoenix office working on some of the larger cases coming out of the 1980s Savings & Loan crisis.


He then became an income partner in Dominguez & Martinez and then an income partner in Dominguez and Talamante, both in Phoenix. In 1996 he started his own firm, which today is know as Wallace Associates Group.

Keoki Wallace has also served as General Counsel to private and publicly traded companies and today serves as General Counsel to Half-Hearts Inc and Isles of the Sea Productions.


Keoki has represented clients in both State and Federal Court. He has dealt with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Internal Revenue Service.


He also served on the American Bar Association's Committee on International Business Law in its Subcommittee on International Banking & Finance.


His practice includes the areas of business, corporation, partnership, taxation, banking & finance, real estate and mergers & acquisitions.

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Keoki Wallace

a Renaissance Man

for the Age of Social Media