Keoki Wallace

a Renaissance Man for the Age of Social Media

Keoki Wallace's finance experience  includes State Savings & Loan Association, which in the early 1980s had branches in Utah and Hawaii. Mr. Wallace served as a Major Loan Analyst, where he did the development, construction and draw accounting on major participation loans. The multi-million dollars loans, with up to 12 participating lenders, funded development and construction of projects such as Point Tiburon and The Brickyard in Tiburon and Richmond, California, The Pinnacle in Eagle, Colorado, Riverchon Plaza in Dallas, Texas.


After an intervening stint as a Commercial Loan Officer with Western Savings & Loan, Keoki was appointed Managing Officer of the failed Sun Savings and Loan Association in San Diego, California, by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board in 1986. Mr. Wallace spent the next three years as a Managing Officer, being put at the head of one failed bank after another under the direction of the Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. In this capacity he also took over and became CEO of all the failed institutions' subsidiary companies.

Point Tiburon, California

In 1984, during Keoki Wallace's tenure as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Salt Lake Telephone Employees Credit Union, Keoki oversaw the merger of this entity with the Postal Workers Credit Union. The merged entity changed its name to Mountain America Credit Union and today it is ranked in the Top 35 List of United States Credit Unions and it has $4.4 Billion in assets.


During the 1990s, Mr. Wallace served as General Counsel to a publicly traded financial financial holding company, with both life insurance and mortgage company subsidiaries. Detailed analysis and review of the companies investment portfolio and actuarial experience were regularly prepared and submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and state insurance and banking regulators.


As a result of this and other work, Mr. Wallace has extensive experience with all aspects of finance, including borrowing, lending, portfolio management, investment management, capital and insurance.

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Keoki Wallace

a Renaissance Man

for the Age of Social Media